The ERQ is published online by the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) to create a better understanding of energy regulatory issues and trends in Canada.

The managing editors will work with CGA in the identification of themes and topics for each issue.  They will author editorial opinions, select contributors, and edit contributions to ensure consistency of style and quality. The managing editors have exclusive responsibility for selecting items for publication.

The ERQ will maintain a “roster” of contributors and supporters who have been invited by the managing editors to lend their names and their contributions to the publication. Individuals on the roster may be invited by the managing editors to author articles on particular topics or they may propose contributions at their own initiative. Other individuals may also be invited by the managing editors to author articles on particular topics.

The substantive content of individual articles is the sole responsibility of the respective contributors. Where contributors have represented or otherwise been associated with parties to a case that is the subject of their contribution to ERQ, notification to that effect will be included in a footnote.

In addition to the regular quarterly publication of Issues of ERQ, comments or links to current developments may be posted to the website from time to time, particularly where timeliness is a consideration.

The ERQ invites readers to offer commentary on published articles and invites contributors to offer rebuttals where appropriate. Commentaries and rebuttals will be posted on the ERQ website (www.energyregulationquarterly.ca).